What Spain is famous for all over the world, except for the sights, is its amazing beaches! There are a great many of them, more than 1700 - sea and…

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Montenegro: Destination Overview
Montenegro is a small and very picturesque region, welcoming travelers. Forests, mountains, lakes, ancient temples, castles and magnificent beaches give the feeling of a fairy tale. Going to Montenegro, you…

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If the company is not located for the trip, this is not a problem: traveling alone can be no less exciting and interesting. A few years ago, in travel trends,…

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Cyprus Island – The Pearl of the Mediterranean

A magical island with an ancient history and rich cultural heritage. Washed by the gentle Mediterranean Sea with huge clean beaches, excellent climate, lots of attractions, friendly locals. Here everyone can find for himself a piece of paradise.

Fans of club life should take a closer look at the resort part of the island called Ayia Napa. For a relaxing family vacation, the city of Limassol or the small resort village of Protaras is suitable. What is the island of Cyprus fraught with and what attracts tourists from all over the world?

Nature and climate

The island of Cyprus is a sunny country, where 300 days a year a cloudless sky and bright warm sun above your head. Rainfall is only in winter. Due to the fact that the climate is quite dry, the heat is easily tolerated. Continue reading


The Besletian bridge, preserved from ancient times and almost untouched by time, is located 6 km from Sukhum, in a picturesque gorge where the Basla River flows.
Bagrat Castle – Once a majestic bastion, on a mountain, in the eastern part of Sukhum. Built at the end of the X beginning of the XI century, during the reign of the king of Abkhazia Bagrat III
Kelasurskaya. The Great Abkhazian Wall – Built in the 30s. VI century By order of the Byzantine emperor Justinian, who defended the country from attacks from the North Caucasus, it lost its military significance already in the 15th century.
Botanical Garden – The history of the creation of the garden dates back to the 30s of the nineteenth century. The official date for the creation of the botanical garden, “broken by the doctor Bagrinovsky in the fortress of Sukhum”, is 1838. The garden is open daily, in the summer from 8.30 to 21.00, in the winter from 10.00 to 18.00. Continue reading


Travelers can find a cozy, comfortable lodging for $ 20-50 per day or even for free – if they know where to look for it. In addition to airline tickets, accommodation, as a rule, eats up a significant part of the expenses allotted for the trip. The MSNBC website described 10 budget options and all their pros and cons.

Short-term room rental is a relatively new way of living. And this is something between a full-fledged rental apartment and living with families. Using the sites, tourists can find a room in someone’s house, cottage or studio at low prices.

Pros: these options are suitable for sociable people who are ready to meet new people and midnight scrubble games. Travelers can enter a list of their housing requirements so that the owners know who they have to deal with. Cons: if you like to sleep at night, it is better to stay at the hotel. Continue reading

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