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Entire books on tourism are written about Cambodia, as well as about any country. But in this article I want to touch on the main tourist places that can not be bypassed, based on including my opinion.
Now Cambodia is a small kingdom in Indochina, formerly the largest powerful empire of Southeast Asia in the period of IX-XIV centuries – the Khmer empire, and today it is an amazing place for tourism and recreation. The first and most important place, in my opinion, which should be seen, is Angkor.
To see Angkor, you need to come to the city of Siem Reap. And to come to Siem Reap you need to get to Cambodia. You can fly to Cambodia by plane or enter by land. When crossing the border, Russians will have to pay $ 25 for a 30-day visa.


This beautiful city is accidentally discovered in the jungle not so long ago. Tourists from all over the world are striving for it. Angkor is called the eighth wonder of the world and put on a par with the most famous world cultural monuments. By the strength of the emotional impression made, it is compared with the pyramids in Egypt, the Taj Mahal in India, the Great Wall of China. Angkor is one of the symbols of Cambodia, its image is on the national flag of the country.

The word “Angkor” itself came from the word “Nagara”, which is translated from Sanskrit as “capital”. And indeed, Ankor was the capital of Cambodia in the 9-13 centuries. The city was widely known outside the country. During this period, the Kingdom of Cambodia flourished, and Angkor was a symbol of its glory and greatness. In 1431 the city was destroyed by the forces of Siam. Until the end of the 19th century, Angkor stood hidden in the dense thicket of the jungle and forgotten by all, interest in it arose in 1961, after the French naturalist Henri Muo (Muo) published a series of essays about the ancient Khmer capital he had discovered. In 1992, Angkor entered the list of monuments of the World Heritage of Humanity and was taken under the protection of UNESCO. Angkor occupies about 600 sq.m. Square and is a colossal architectural complex of temples and palaces. All these buildings are densely braided by vines and other tropical vegetation, which gives them a very special and incomparable look. Trees growing in temples make a lasting impression.

Inimitable Bayonne:

On the territory of the city there are a lot of temples preserved better or worse, and most of them must be seen. You can meet the sunrise and sunset at one of the temples. And also tell fortunes by the sorcerer in the temple of Angkor Wat. To see the mandatory minimum in Angkor you need to travel at least three days. But still there will be a feeling of neglect and you will be pulled there again.

While in Siem Reap you can also visit the famous Tonle Sap Lake to see the village on the water.

Even in Cambodia, you can visit the capital of the country to see museums, walk around the city, along the promenade. And also in the city of Sihanoukville, swimming on the beach, eating not expensive and wholesome sea food.

When visiting Cambodia, it will be worthwhile to know the Khmer traditions and the rules of conduct adopted in the Kingdom of Cambodia. Going on a trip, make photocopies of the necessary documents: passport, insurance policy, airline ticket, driver’s license. Keep copies separate from the originals. Leave one more copy with relatives.

In Cambodia, the average annual temperature is 29 degrees, so you should not take a lot of things. It is best to limit yourself to the lightest clothing that you have, as well as comfortable sports shoes with light non-slip soles.

A hot climate can contribute to overheating and dehydration. Therefore, we recommend taking a break at noon and minimizing motor activity, as well as drinking as much fluid as possible. Try not to deviate from well-known tourist routes.

It is recommended that you buy wet wipes in advance, this will allow you to maintain hygiene in the field and to avoid food poisoning. Be sure to take a sunscreen. Of the drugs, it is worth taking anti-allergic drugs, poisoning drugs, antipyretic drugs, individual medicines. In Cambodia, in every city it is easy to find European pharmacies where any medicines are sold.

The national currency is a riel, 4000 riels = $ 1. Also in Cambodia, the dollar and Thai Baht are in circulation. Dollars are accepted in any stores, markets, restaurants, it is best to exchange dollars for small amounts of $ 1-5 and take with you. Credit cards can only be used in large cities. Almost all cities have an Internet cafe. You can always buy cheaper goods in the markets, you just need to feel free to bargain with a smile and compliments. In general, Cambodia is a fairly cheap country and many things can be bought very cheaply by Russian standards.

Public transport is not popular in Cambodia. But you can use the services of private drivers.

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