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Summer vacation, for most people, is unthinkable without the sea, sun and beach. And now, when the summer is in full swing, let’s talk about those places where all this is present in unlimited quantities. You can go there now and after the sunny days end here, Now we decide where the best beaches in Europe and where it is preferable to go? Experts from the European Agency for Nature Protection decided to answer this question. They compared the beaches of all European countries. The most important parameters were the cleanliness of the beach, water, safety and the availability of infrastructure.

In Europe, published data on the state of water in the most popular resorts. In nine cases out of ten, swimming can be completely fearless. The easiest way for a tourist is to follow the blue flag, which is “a symbol of perfect service, beautiful water and clean sand.”

The state of water on the vast majority of European beaches did not cause concern among specialists.

A study by the European Environmental Protection Agency has covered more than 21 thousand beaches. 70% of them are on the coast, the rest are on rivers and lakes. The best resorts that meet all the standards are in Slovenia, Lithuania and Cyprus. The second highest water quality among the 27 EU countries is Croatia (97.3% of the samples are satisfactory), followed by Malta (95.4%), Greece (94.2%) and Ireland (90.1%). Above average water quality is also in Bulgaria, Portugal and Finland. The beaches of Spain were in the middle of the list.

Of course, there are reasons for concern: out of 27 EU countries, 18 have at least one bathing place that does not meet the standards. Poland is on the black list, where every fifth beach is dirty, the Netherlands (11%) and Belgium (9%). However, water quality in Europe has radically improved over the past 20 years. For example, in Germany in 1991 only 46% of sea beaches and 14% of places for swimming in rivers and lakes met hygienic standards.

The current report of the European Commission can be considered another step towards a common classification of European beaches. From 2012, all EU countries will be required to mark all bathing places with special characters (a four-point system is provided). From the same year, lovers of water procedures can inquire about the quality of water on special sites: www.eyeonearth.eu and www.water.europa.eu.

In 2011, 511 resorts received the “blue flag” – a sign of environmental cleanliness. Any beach can claim to receive it, but for this you will have to adhere to a number of strict environmental standards.
On the beach, there must be showers, a post of medical workers and lifeguards, as well as clean sea water and clean sand.
In addition, the presence of animals and vehicles is strictly prohibited on an ecologically clean beach. The last criterion for obtaining a “blue flag” is that the beach must be free.
By the way, Massandra beach in Yalta claims to receive the “blue flag”.

After choosing the beach you like, you can pick up a tour to the country on this site: Level.travel Booking tours
In compiling beach ratings, not only the European Commission exercises. An independent expert portal summarizing the ratings of its visitors, called the most beautiful places for sea recreation:

Praia do Zavial, Portugal.
The famous beach of the southern part of the Algarve, the coastline is open to the Atlantic. Located in the city of Raposeira has an extensive sandy beach and calm waters. The water here is slightly warmer than on the west coast, the beach is very visited. Visited by families with young children, provides good conditions for surfing.

Costa Rei, Sardinia, Italy.
8 kilometers of clear sand and clear sea.
Costa Rei is a resort hill in the southeast of the island of Sardinia in Italy, located 50 km from the city of Cagliari. Crystal clear sea, fine white sand beach is everywhere.
4 wrecks off the coast and amazingly beautiful underwater reefs are only in Costa Rei. In addition, in the vicinity of the Costa Rei there is a system of lakes, forming a nature reserve for rare bird species. Green hills, granite cliffs, cozy bays – Costa Rei is considered to be the same pearl of the southern coast of Sardinia in Italy, like Costa Smeralda in the north.

La Barosa, Andalusia, Spain.
Myrtos Beach, Kefalonia, Greece.
A miniature fantastically beautiful beach on the Greek island of Kefalonia. Photos of Myrtos Beach have become the hallmark of not only the island, but throughout Greece. The beach is located away from noisy roads and resort areas, it can only be reached on foot, leaving the car in a nearby parking area. The infrastructure of Myrtos Beach is minimal, but it is this feature, coupled with fine white pebbles and crystal clear sea, that creates the unique pristine atmosphere of this amazing place. Most tourists who visit here mark Myrtos Beach as the best beach in Greece. Kefalonia fly me…

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