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Velvet season: where to go to relax in the fall?

Initially, the velvet season was called the period in the area of ​​Easter. The last weeks of April and the first weeks of May were considered golden days when it is no longer cold, but also not hot. The velvet season was nicknamed due to the fact that nobles stopped wearing fur clothes due to warmer weather and wore velvet. Over the years, everything changed, and gradually began to call velvet rest in the fall.

Today, the velvet season is the time from late August to mid-October. It is during this period that the sun is soft, nights are not cold, but fresh, and the temperature of the water in the sea is 22-25 degrees. Gourmets love velvet vacations. And not surprisingly, because there are much fewer people this season, the beaches are not crowded, and you can safely enjoy the trip.

Where is it better to relax in the velvet season? Ukrainian Odessa will delight you with a warm sun only in late August – early September. From mid to late September, the temperature will begin to drop below 20-17 ° C and it will no longer be possible to sunbathe.

Therefore, for velvet relaxation, it is better to choose warmer resorts. Soak up the sun until the end of November will turn out in Egypt. Some go there even in December-January, but you can’t call it the velvet season, because the temperature ranges from 16 to 21 ° C.

If you are thinking about where to go to relax in the autumn at sea, then good options are:

Relaxing in the velvet season in these countries is not only pleasant due to climatic conditions, but also beneficial. Tour prices are falling due to the outflow of tourists. If you travel on your own, the eye will be pleased with lower prices for rental housing and food.

Among the countries of the European Union for a vacation in the fall at sea, you can choose Cyprus. And it’s better to choose the velvet season for this. Travel agencies can tell you that it’s warm there for almost a year. This is not entirely true. It is getting colder in Cyprus at the end of October, the water temperature in the sea drops to 19 ° C, and the water parks close. Since November, an uncomfortable period of winds begins.

You can relax in the fall in Croatia. But if you want to swim in the sea, then it is better to go there at the very beginning of September. From mid-September, the sea begins to cool, because the state is located on the Adriatic Sea, which is colder than the Red and Mediterranean Seas.

Holidays in the velvet season in Europe
In addition to warm countries, you can go to Europe in the fall. Be sure to look at the weather during the trip so as not to fall on the rainy or windy season. In total, rest in Europe in the fall is a pleasure.

You do not run among stone buildings under the scorching sun in search of cold drinks. There is an opportunity to take a walk in the fresh air and consider all the charms of the architecture there. Excursions are much easier to transfer because of the same not hot weather.

You can really relax in the fall abroad thanks to the small flow of tourists. As in warm countries, in Europe during the velvet season there are much fewer people. Therefore, you can take a lot of beautiful pictures without fuss, have a quiet meal in the establishments and not stand in line for museums.

If your plans are not for the sea, but for excursions, then it is better to go on vacation in the fall to Germany, Austria or Italy. Why exactly these countries?

The velvet season in Italy begins somewhere in mid-September and lasts until the first weeks of October. This is ideal weather for tourists: the sun does not fry anymore, but the rainy season does not knock on hotel windows. Air temperature is about 15 ° C. Therefore, on walks you can breathe to the fullest.

At this time, it is ideal to visit:

In addition, in September, a ten-day balloon festival is constantly held in Italy. If you are going to go somewhere from September 7 to 16 and will be near the city of Ferrara, then be sure to drop by a balloon.

In mid-September, it is worth dropping into Naples for the pizza festival. It is impossible to resist such a variety! In early October, you can get on a very colorful bread festival, which collects the best bakers in Europe in Ravenna. In general: the beginning-mid-autumn in Italy – the season of festivals. The beach season ends – you need to have fun in the cities.

Germany. Of course, this country is famous for its ski resorts in the Bavarian Alps. If you don’t ski or board, try it! Many acquaintances did not like this business until they tried it. But you need to get on the skis in December-March, and now a little about that.

Rest in the velvet season in Germany – return home with a bun. Unless, of course, go on an excursion in a day to the next castle. Like Italy, with the beginning of autumn, Germany is launching noisy festivals of local cuisine and drinks. It is incredibly tasty, but also insanely high in calories.

You can escape after the festivals by excursions to the aforementioned castles, which in Germany are not just beautiful, but magnificent. One of the most famous is the castle of the Bavarian king Ludwig II Neuschwanstein.

You do not want to overpay travel agencies? Prefer freedom of choice to visit attractions and free movement? No problem, it’s worth taking a little time and organizing your vacation…


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