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The safest countries for tourists

When you are going on a trip, you hope to receive from him only positive emotions. To do this, it is better to pre-select a good accommodation with all amenities, plan excursions and see the predicted weather so as not to fall into the rainy season or incredible heat.

In any place of rest you want to feel at home: comfortable, safe and secure. Then the mood is better, and I do not want to leave. Which country should a tourist choose to return and want back? First of all – safe.

Why should you pay attention to this? In fact, all tourist places are very busy, and you won’t have to walk at night in a dark alley. In all cities, like ours, there are police and protected areas of hotels, restaurants and entertainment centers.

But the security of the country is still different. And the matter is not always in the operational reaction of the servants of order. There are a number of reasons why I will never recommend some states for tourism.

Why some countries are dangerous for tourists
For example. There are military operations in the Gaza Strip, Syria and Iraq. Not only will you not see anything interesting there except the ruins, you will also be at risk. Shelling and bombing for them is a common thing.

But in the world there are many beautiful countries that are safe for tourists. I will tell about them further. But before that a few little tips.

Before you go to any city or country – browse the Internet.
Read everything calmly and stably where you are going.
For example, in one of the most popular and safe tourist destinations in Europe, Barcelona, ​​a terrorist act took place not so long ago. To go there during a period of unrest, many instantly overwhelmed.

Second tip: better insure yourself and avoid places where there are too many people. No matter how safe the city is, pickpocket sleight of hand can ruin your vacation. Therefore, do not stroll in the slums and keep your wallet in your inner pocket, even in the center.

The safest countries for tourists
And now for the pleasant. The list of the safest countries for tourists opens the city-state of Singapore. This city is leading in the results of several consulting agencies. Why?

First of all, there is too strict legislation. To such an extent that there is still a death penalty for certain crimes. Fear of mandatory punishment made this country the safest territory.

It is worth noting that in Singapore a huge number of different cultures are mixed. Nevertheless, there are no troubles against the background of religious beliefs. All tourists are treated peacefully.

The second point on the map is the island of Cyprus. This place falls into the ranking of the safest countries for tourists, because according to statistics there are fewer conflicts, and there is practically no crime on the streets. Unrest is present, as in any country. But their number boils down to one incident per year.

The top countries safe for tourists include the northern states. Among them are Denmark and Iceland. In these countries, they are very friendly towards tourists. There is practically no crime, and having forgotten your thing on the street, you can return and find it in the same place.

The Danes really value order. And in Iceland, everything breathes calm, except Reykjavik at the weekend. Then a cozy and colorful city is filled with vacationers from everyday life.

The ranking of the safest countries for tourists replenish Mauritius and the Seychelles. The latter are slightly inferior to Mauritius, since it is further from the pirates’ field of activity. But you will not feel the wind of crime on any of them.

The bonus will be beautiful views and a variety of excursions. From Mauritius you can fly to Madagascar.

In what environment can you feel safe? When you know that every step is being monitored, and all actions are recorded on the camera. This is possible in the United Arab Emirates. One of the richest countries in the world at the same time bears the status of one of the safest.

You do not want to overpay travel agencies? Prefer freedom of choice to visit attractions and free movement? No problem, it’s worth taking a little time and organizing your vacation…


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