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Travels Without Borders

Traveling yourself without the help of a travel agency is scary for the first time. It’s more familiar to come to the operator and pick up a tour. But believe me, if you plan everything correctly for the first time, then you definitely won’t need a travel agency.

How to plan a vacation without travel agencies?
We recall that we have a great and powerful Internet. On the net you will find if not all, then 90% of the information. In addition to the Internet, we recall acquaintances who rested without travel agencies.

We begin to collect information. We choose the country in which we want to go on a trip without travel agencies. We read reviews on the forums: when is it better to go, what is interesting to see, where it is comfortable to live and eat not at space prices. Define a city.

The resort town has tons of accommodation options. With a search through the operator’s base, 10-15 hotels will be available. And the charm of traveling without travel agencies is that you have much more options for living. Where to see them?

Services that will help to book accommodation without a travel agency
One of the most popular and reliable services is Booking. Here you can find almost everything: from a hotel in Monaco to a guest house in Tuscany. The service has several secrets with which you can facilitate the search and get bonuses. Read more about them in the article “Five Life Hacks When Using Booking.com”.
Another booking service is Airbnb.com. More expensive than the previous one, but here you can dig out gourmet solutions. Felling on the banks of a mountain river, a room in a medieval hotel, a cave room and many other options at a travel agency are unlikely to be offered to you. But booking on your own is easy!
If you want to stay for free a couple of days and chat with locals, then you are on Couchsurfing.org. This is the largest couchsurfer reservation website. Who are they? People who open their homes to travelers talk about culture and traditions. The friendliest of them offer local food and show the sights. No travel agency will organize such a trip for you!
Your attention and Hotels.com – the site of the daughter of the famous Expedia. You can book a house using both the first service and the second. But the Expedition does not function in Russian / Ukrainian.
Compare prices for the same hotel will help Trivago – the service compares prices of more than 200 online booking sites. But not only he. RoomGuru also does an excellent job of finding the best deal for price and quality.
And you can read about the chosen option on TripAdvisor. This is one of the most popular travel sites with thousands of reviews from real people. Based on the reviews, a rating is formed. Traveling with this site without the help and advice of travel agencies is not scary.

How to buy tickets for travel without travel agencies
how to travel on your own without travel agencies

When the accommodation is booked, the question arises of how to get to it. The travel agents are the same people as you, who also book tickets for buses, planes and trains. Moreover, travel agencies often book tickets for charter flights, which are famous for delays and other inconveniences.

But if you decide to go on vacation without travel agencies, then you can choose tickets in advance, thereby saving money.

To get started, it’s worth getting to know the BlaBlaCar service. With it, you can reach both Prague and Oslo by car. The essence of the service is that the traveler becomes a companion of the driver on the trip. You compensate the owner of the car for moving, and he delivers you and baggage along the route.

The reliability of the service. Each driver has a rating and reviews from users. You can also see his car, the time of use of the service and other characteristics.

In addition to the car, you can travel by bus. To buy a ticket it is not necessary to run to the bus station or train station. You can book tickets while sitting at home.

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