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Extreme Flights: The Scariest Runways

For those who cross the globe on business or on vacation at least several times a year, flying is not surprising. Booking tickets, baggage claim, passport control, transit area – everything is commonplace and has long been familiar.

It’s hard to remember what it was like – your first flight. Maybe your breath caught, “goosebumps” ran around your skin, or maybe you wanted to joyfully run around the cabin, but the stewardess’s warning look didn’t let her dream come true?

Be that as it may, you can again experience the euphoria of an airplane by buying a ticket for one of the flights that we will tell you about today. Even if you “ate a dog” on flights, the runways from our selection will make you nervous.

Airport North Front, Gibraltar (United Kingdom)
North Front is located half a kilometer from the city center. The airport is notable for the fact that its highway runs across the runway. Such zoning of the local territories is caused by completely non-extreme moods of local residents or civil engineers.

The island on which the airport is located covers an area of ​​only 6.8 square kilometers. Due to lack of space, Winston Churchill’s city highway runs through the runway for acceleration, where traffic flows are quite busy.
By the way, the owners of the airport are the UK Department of Defense. It uses airplanes for military purposes, and also allows civil transportation to Spain and throughout its own kingdom.

Princess Juliana Airport (Netherlands)
Princess Juliana Airport is located on the island of Saint Martin. It was built during the Second World War and was gradually made international, and the nearby territory was overgrown with hotels. In 2007, he received a record number of passengers – 104 aircraft with a total number of 1.7 million people.

Due to the fact that the runway is only 2,130 meters, the planes are “gaining take-off” a hundred meters from the sea and Maho Beach, where tourists sunbathe. Aerial ships fly over their heads just 20 meters away! Vacationers can take a selfie against the background of an airplane flying past, which the pilot lands exclusively using manual control. The fact is that the airport is not equipped with an automatic landing system, which makes both captains of aircraft who direct the aircraft to land their own fear and delight.
Courchevel Airport (France)
Another airport on the extreme list is French Courchevel. This place was included in the Guinness Book of Records as one of the most dangerous routes for dispersal of aircraft due to the mountainous terrain and the short runway – only 525 meters. For comparison, the bands of other airports in the world can reach three kilometers in length.

Excursions between flights, IMAX, massage: “oddities” of airports

In addition, this territory is located at an inclination of 18.5 degrees, which also causes difficulties during take-off and landing. It is not surprising that special requirements are imposed on aircraft pilots on routes to Courchevel, for example, the availability of a special license.

Paro Airport (Bhutan)
The city of Paro, belonging to the kingdom of Bhutan, is located in the majestic Himalayas. The way to the Land of the Thunder Dragon, as local Bhutan is called, lies through an air gate with a dangerous runway. The only international airport of Paro was equipped in a narrow valley at an altitude of 2,225 meters above sea level among the sharp peaks of the Himalayas.

Landing aircraft in these lands is allowed to a limited number of specialists. Only eight pilots who are on the crew of the national airline Druk Air have the right to make maneuvers among the local peaks. It is not strange: aircraft captains need to show all their skills so that the plane does not catch on the rocks during takeoff and landing in the valley.

These lands are characterized by windy weather, which forces pilots to land and take off in a southerly direction. There is also no light-signal equipment at the airport, so it works only during daylight hours.

Funchal Airport, Madeira (Portugal)
The runway at Funchal Airport ends … in a cliff. It would seem that on the relief surface of the island to equip a site convenient for the aircraft landing gear is completely unrealistic. However, an airport was built here and even two runways were laid out.

Compare prices and plan your route – flights to anywhere in the world!

Complex work in the highlands was carried out by Andrade Gutierrez, which has repeatedly won prizes in bridge building. Engineers carried part of the route above the surface of the ocean. The platform for acceleration and landing of aircraft is supported by metal supporting structures installed in the water.

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