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The choice of tourists is pretty much influenced by fashion. It is sometimes difficult to consider all the existing offers on the market, compare them and choose the best. Choosing…

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Tourism of the future: technology that will change everything
It would be great to travel without taking off your slippers, fly whenever you want, without any balloons and planes, or go into space as easily as in a grocery…

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At least once, did you feel like you were in God’s bosom? For no apparent reason, an all-encompassing sense of complete security, serenity, tranquility, peace and great inner happiness? As…

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Tourism of the future: technology that will change everything

It would be great to travel without taking off your slippers, fly whenever you want, without any balloons and planes, or go into space as easily as in a grocery store. New technologies are appearing faster and faster every year. We presented what tourism will become in the future and will tell you about our fascinating findings.

Jetpacks and jet packs
Soon, the pyramids will no longer need to look up and down. Specialists at Martin Aircraft from New Zealand have created a compact flying device – Martin Jetpack, which will raise you to a height of 915 meters, allow you to enjoy the flight for half an hour, and then safely lower it to the ground. This will make it possible to literally touch the top of the pyramid of Cheops. And it will also be possible to fly along the Grand Canyon or next to Niagara Falls. Serial production and sale of jetpacks are scheduled for the end of this year. The estimated cost of the device is $ 200 thousand. Not only travel companies, but also government services became interested in this miracle. So James Bond will fly on this one as well.

The operation of the jet pack is provided by propellers and an internal combustion engine. Since there is competition in every industry, there is another technology for personal flying vehicles – jetpacks. These “babies” will lift you into the air thanks to jet propulsion. JetPack Aviation’s JB-9 pack has already passed the flight test around the Statue of Liberty.

Traveling robots
Sometimes there is no possibility or desire to make long flights or do paperwork. I would like to return home, sit on the sofa and end up in Rome or Paris. Teleportation has not yet been invented, but there is another way to make “couch trips.”

Already today one can not only observe events and things in a place far from our physical position, but also influence them. This can be achieved by a controlled robot, terminal (tablet, monitor or virtual reality helmet) and telepresence technology. The robot does not need to give detailed instructions, just set the desired direction of movement. The “smart machine” will not be embarrassed to ram the walls and easily bypass all obstacles. These robots are already used for attending conferences, exhibitions and even public speaking. If you need to submit a report, but you are suddenly unwell, “come” to the event with the help of a robot!

In the future, such devices can be easily rented anywhere in the world. This will become a familiar service like car rental. Imagine how cool it is to see the sights and chat with passers-by in real time, while remaining in soft slippers. And if there is impassability ahead, a special drone will help.

Submarines for tourists
Many want to see colorful fish that live in the deep sea, but not everyone decides to become divers. Already today in Spain, Egypt, Cyprus, the Caribbean and Hawaii you will be offered to make excursions on small and large submarines. Thus, it will turn out to see the delights of the sea world and stay completely dry.

Travel enthusiasts will appreciate the U-Boat Worx Cruise Sub. Instead of portholes, it is equipped with huge transparent spheres that allow you to see everything that happens around. Rotating seats give passengers in the spheres the opportunity to occupy the most favorable position. And engineer Graham Hawke came up with a submarine for individualists. The invention plunges into medium depths and is intended for two people. These submarines will be produced while on special orders.

Experts say that underwater tourism is very promising and will rapidly develop. Now the submarines cruise only along the coast, but tomorrow long cruises will be possible, which will allow to observe the migration of whales and even go down to the Mariana Trench. Bold dreams give rise to great discoveries!

Stratosphere Flights
To see the roundness of the Earth, the black sky, a curved horizon and bright stars do not have to go to space. You can fly into the stratosphere. Of course, there is no weightlessness there, but the views from the windows of the stratospheric capsule and the international space station are pretty damn similar.

World View Enterprises will lift a capsule with tourists to a height of about 32 km using a giant balloon. The cockpit is designed for two pilots and six passengers. The climb will take two hours and the stay in the stratosphere itself will last as long. Air routes, fluffy clouds and all worries will remain below. During the trip it will be possible to use the Internet and share your impressions with friends, as well as move around the capsule. At the end, the ball will be disconnected and the capsule will be lowered to Earth using a parachute. They say that the first comers will go to the stratosphere this year.

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