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Excursions between flights, IMAX, massage: “oddities” of the world’s airports

Airports do their best to diversify the waiting time of their passengers. Shops under the auspices of duty free, lounge areas and bistro cafes do not surprise anyone, but city excursions, art exhibitions, modern cinemas and spa services are what make airports on our list special.

Free tours between flights
Sightseeing tours outside the transit zone will interest everyone. Especially if you are brought into the city for the first time. Especially when we say that many of the tours are free, and during the walk you can see the most beautiful places in the city.

Changi Airport (Singapore)
Changi can wait between 5 and 24 hours. This time can be spent on visiting popular points in Singapore. Among them: a masterpiece of world architecture – the tropic park “Gardens by the Bay”, the Esplanade Theater and the Marina Bay Sands skyscrapers. It is important to leave a request for an excursion at the transit booth in advance, given that trips to the city are from 9 to 18:30.

The airport itself has seven gardens. Here you can see orchids, bamboo and cacti, admire the tropical butterflies.

Istanbul Ataturk Airport
Those who use the services of Turkish Airlines are offered sightseeing tours to the city. During the tour, the guide will show the first shrine of Istanbul – the Blue Mosque, the former residence of the Padishahs Topkapi, the Hagia Sophia Museum in the Byzantine style and other memorable places of the historical center. A detailed tour plan is listed on the company’s website. You can apply for a sightseeing tour from 8 in the morning.

Tours to Turkey can be seen here

Incheon Airport (Seoul)
Some passengers spend a day in Incheon waiting for their flight. So that they do not get bored, the administration organizes excursions in Seoul. After check-in at a special counter, passengers are offered a choice of tours lasting from 1 hour to 5. For the tour you will have to pay a symbolic fee – $ 10. Sightseeing tours cover the residence of the Joseon Dynasty – Gyeongbokgung Palace, Incheon, a bridge on the way to Sondo city, a traditional village Korean houses Hanok and more.

Introducing the beautiful: art and literature at Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam)
Amsterdam Schiphol is on the list of the largest airports in the world. But not only its size surprises this place. Along with standard entertainment, you can visit the exhibition with works by the State Art Museum of Amsterdam. The exposition is updated every month, and admission to its territory is free for all passengers.

If you are used to while away with books, check out the library here. Schiphol employees took care of passengers from all over the world, having equipped the reading room with literature in more than 20 languages. There is even a fireplace to make it comfortable, like at home.

Entertainment and leisure premium class from the airport Chek Lap Kok (Hong Kong)
The Chek Lap Kok was honored with a mention in the Guinness Book of Records because of the most expensive construction in the world. It has two terminals. The first – at eight levels – serves all departures and arrivals. The second is equipped with a recreation, shopping and entertainment area with an IMAX 4D cinema equipped with the largest screen in Asia. For those who want to try their hand at controlling an aircraft, a cockpit simulator has been installed. There is even a golf course in the transit area.

Massage and SPA: relaxation at the airports of the world
Among the additional services of airports, beauty salons became especially popular. Massage, manicure, SPA – the main thing is not to relax much so as not to miss your flight.

Dubai International Airport
One of the best SPA-services in the world is Timeless Spa at the national airport in Dubai. The salon stands out for its premium design and exclusive services. There is upholstered furniture, a fountain at the entrance, elite tea for each guest, a bewitching aroma of oriental oils. Among the services of the SPA-center is therapy with semiprecious stones. Massage against stress, detox baths, manicures with the use of eco-cosmetics – not all that the Timeless Spa service offers. They know what real relaxation is!

O.R. International Airport Tambo (Johannesburg)
For those planning to stop in South Africa, Johannesburg’s main airport offers leisure time in the pool overlooking the airfield, as well as beauty treatments at the Camelot Spa. All services are provided in the best national traditions. Exotic massage with patting brooms from tropical plants, pearl masks or wrapping with salt from the ocean – just a little that is done in the salon. Here you can also take a package of procedures for couples. It includes massages, peeling, a bath with plumeria petals and moisturizing treatments.

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