Sensory Hunger Prevention: Exotic Travel
Imagine your receptors at once ceased to perceive surrounding "irritants". Favorite morning coffee! Hmm, the beckoning aroma and sweet-bitter taste disappeared, the fingers do not feel the hardness and warmth…

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Tours on the Titanic for travelers
The British publication The Telegraph blew the world public with intriguing news: in 2018, a unique journey to the remains of the legendary Titanic will become available. It is assumed…

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Sukhumi The Besletian bridge, preserved from ancient times and almost untouched by time, is located 6 km from Sukhum, in a picturesque gorge where the Basla River flows. Bagrat Castle…

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Grand Park Kemer Hotel – Turkish hospitality

A family vacation, a group trip with friends, a honeymoon or a romantic trip – no matter what vacation you choose for yourself, the Grand Park Kemer service will make it as comfortable as possible. Located in the city of Beldibi on the Mediterranean coast, the hotel is surrounded by greenery and a terrace stretches to the sea. Restaurants with children’s menus, pools with slides and access to your own beach – if you decide to relax in Turkey, stay at Grand Park Kemer. And we will tell you in detail about what awaits you there.

Room types and their advantages
Grand Park Kemer offers its visitors several types of rooms. All rooms with large windows are decorated in calm shades and have indispensable amenities for a comfortable life. In total, the hotel has 305 rooms with a capacity of 612 people.

The hotel has standard rooms for two residents with a view of the sea or mountains – to choose from. The room with seasoned color minimalism has everything you need: a comfortable French bed, shower and minibar. Each standard room is equipped with satellite TV, telephone, air conditioning and Wi-Fi.

Family Suite
Families are invited to stay in a suite for four people. Two connecting rooms have access to a shared bathroom. Guests can comfortably sit in a double French bed and an extra single bed. TV, internet, telephone – at the guests’ disposal. There is also a small bar and a safe.

Fans of quiet evening gatherings will be delighted when they find out that a cozy balcony adjoins the room, from where you can watch the rhythm of life of the resort Beldibi.

Room for people with disabilities
The hotel has rooms for people with disabilities – also with views of the sea coast or mountain landscapes. The rooms are on the ground floor. Spacious (24-27 m²), with convenient entrances, they are equipped with a set of furniture for a comfortable stay, as in the previous two types of apartments.

Kitchen and service
The Grand Park Hotel Kemer has several restaurants for quiet family evenings and friendly gatherings with a large company. You can enjoy the dishes of Turkish, Italian, American and many other cuisines to the pleasant music or the sound of the waves, sitting on the terrace. And if you want to quickly get to one of the noisy Beldibi parties, you can have a meal at the food court with a wide selection of snacks and round-the-clock service.
Restaurant “Zephyrantes”
Zefirantes is a spacious restaurant with sea views. There is a buffet with traditionally Turkish dishes and European cuisine, and the chefs are constantly updating the menu to delight guests with new tastes. The restaurant offers various types of soups, snacks, fresh vegetables, fruits and yogurts. Zephyranthes is also famous for the variety of its desserts.

Restaurant “Pappermint”
Here you can dine sitting under the palm trees on the terrace in a cozy home environment, enjoying views of the evening sea. Peppermint’s main menu is Italian snacks and barbecue.

Varieties of bars and menus
The on-site bars offer alcoholic drinks, aromatic herbal tea and traditional Turkish all-inclusive coffee. Guests can enjoy fresh juices, cocktails, local spirits and much more in the lobby bar and court bar. If you do not want to be distracted by the sun, there is a pool bar where you can order a drink to your taste. There is also a bar in the disco zone – alcohol is paid here after midnight.

Among the most interesting venues in Grand Park Kemer is the potato bar. It serves potato dishes with sauces according to exclusive recipes from the chef.

Entertainment on site
Leisure in Grand Park Kemer is organized in such a way as to satisfy the wishes of small and adult guests – in a variety of entertainment everyone will find something to do.

Beach vacation
Within the Grand Park Kemer you can visit the indoor, outdoor and children’s pools with water slides and snow-white loungers. If you want more space, the hotel offers to go to one of the pebble-sandy beaches of the hotel, comfortable for families with children. All of them are located on the first coastline.

Children’s entertainment
Children from 4 to 12 years old can leave their parents in a mini club with indoor and outdoor areas. The animation team takes the kids throughout the day, providing them not only a fun pastime, but also complete safety. Grand Park Kemer service also allows you to leave your child with a nanny. You can not worry about your child and calmly go to drink cocktails and bask on the beach.

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