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Tarnim Magic Garden in Thailand – a very exotic place

On the first July day, which was waiting impatiently and with great hopes, we got up early in the morning and went to a great place – Tarnim Magic Garden. For a long time we were going to visit this place on the way to Paradise Park. I had to get to the other side of the island, drive about 25km one way. It was easy enough to find this place, since there are a lot of signs along the way. The road is quite mountainous, so we recommend taking a car or a bike with an engine capacity of at least 125 cm3. And here we are, parking a moped and heading for tickets. Parking is free, and entrance to the park costs 80 baht ($ 2.6) per person. It’s time to feel the atmosphere of this place!

First of all, near the parking lot we are met by a beautiful monument. It is lined with beautiful stones and lined with iron sculptures. But this monument is located outside the garden, and maybe it doesn’t apply to it at all, so having bought tickets we leave for the magic garden, going down the stairs.

The first thing that catches your eye is a very beautiful and green area, and abandoned houses that have already begun to sprout grass and trees.

As soon as we get down, we are greeted by one of the many sculptures – a turtle, which seems to be trying to contact us with some kind of question.

You can go in different directions from the entrance, but when we saw the bulk of the sculptures, we went straight to them.
These guys play the instruments very well, so sit down and enjoy a great holiday concert.

Next to the musicians there is another abandoned house, you can go into all the houses, but there is nothing interesting in them, believe me. Perhaps all these guys live in these houses, because they need to sleep somewhere?

The musicians have their own dance, there are a lot of them and everything is very amazingly made. A lot of small details – a magical job. Since we were very early, there was nobody here and the atmosphere was just great. All figures are located along a small river and a mini-waterfall in a small depression, surrounded by hills on both sides. Trees hanging over the entire garden create a comfortable temperature there for walks and gatherings on stones.

The whole park was created by one local sculptor Tarnim, who only after retirement began to create this wonderful place. He worked until his death, and even made sculptures of himself and his loved ones.

Not all sculptures are the same, a lot of sculptures located in other places look very different. Most likely, there is even some kind of history here and the sculptures are located completely not in random order. Unfortunately, there was no one to ask, so this will remain a mystery to us.

The place is just great, being there you experience simply indescribable emotions, there is something to think about and shut up. True, after 30-40 minutes a large batch of Russian tourists arrived, who behaved very noisily and spoiled the whole atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

Therefore, it was decided to inspect the last corner and go on.
Many sculptures have already lost their limbs, as everyone is trying to take pictures with them, rub in all places and do not need to sit down. By the way, due to the fact that many figures began to grow with moss, they look much older and it looks bewitching.

But, in fact, the waterfall itself looks more like a small brook, possibly due to the lack of rain recently.

Finally we go to say goodbye to our old friends, listen to a good song and go on!
And then a simply amazing place awaits us – the Paradise Park mini-zoo, we start our bike and go there, because we are already very close!

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