Hitchhiking: opportunities and risks
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Velvet season: where to go to relax in the fall?
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Velvet season: where to go to relax in the fall?
Initially, the velvet season was called the period in the area of ​​Easter. The last weeks of April and the first weeks of May were considered golden days when it…

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Cyprus Island – The Pearl of the Mediterranean

A magical island with an ancient history and rich cultural heritage. Washed by the gentle Mediterranean Sea with huge clean beaches, excellent climate, lots of attractions, friendly locals. Here everyone can find for himself a piece of paradise.

Fans of club life should take a closer look at the resort part of the island called Ayia Napa. For a relaxing family vacation, the city of Limassol or the small resort village of Protaras is suitable. What is the island of Cyprus fraught with and what attracts tourists from all over the world?

Nature and climate

The island of Cyprus is a sunny country, where 300 days a year a cloudless sky and bright warm sun above your head. Rainfall is only in winter. Due to the fact that the climate is quite dry, the heat is easily tolerated. The average summer temperature is +35 ° C. In the evening, when sunset sets in, daytime heat is replaced by the invigorating coolness and freshness of the sea breeze.

The Mediterranean Sea is known for its crystal clear waters. The azure color captivates the eye, and the comfortable water temperature up to +27 ° C and the absence of waves allow swimming not only for adults, but also for young tourists.

All beaches of the island are municipal and are not assigned to hotels. Most are covered with sand from dark volcanic to pure snow-white, have the European Union’s Blue Flag International Award for infrastructure and cleanliness. There are beaches in the bays, among the rocks, with pebbles and sea stones, secluded and quiet, crowded with lots of entertainment, buried in greenery or with waves for lovers of surfing, while renting sun loungers and umbrellas is always paid.

Despite the fact that there is no rain, the island is buried in greenery. In cities, these are tall palm trees and flowers. The valleys along the roads are covered with emerald greenery of lemon, tangerine, orange orchards, vineyard plantations, olive groves. Coniferous trees prevail in the mountains, but Oak and Cypress are also found.


The island receives the main income from the tourism industry, so the infrastructure is created in the best way for vacationers.

Major resort cities:

1. Ayia Napa, a party and youth city, with lots of clubs and bars. Cyprus beach
2. Larnaca, for families who prefer an active form of recreation, is considered the cheapest resort.
3. Limassol, the second largest city, with all the benefits of urban civilization, the most populated by Russian immigrants.
4. Nicosia, the capital of the Republic, is more suitable for business travelers.
5. Paphos, the former capital of the island, today is the most prestigious and expensive resort.
6. Protaras, it is more a village than a city. Mostly couples come here for a quiet, calm, measured rest.

Hotels are classified by star rating, starting with two stars. They are distinguished by a variety of menus, breakfasts or all inclusive, remoteness from the sea, territory at the hotel, animation. Moreover, high quality service and Russian-speaking staff are everywhere. Depending on the budget, you can rent an apartment or villa.

In every major city there are rental points where you can rent vehicles according to your preferences from expensive luxury cars to a simple bike. But it is worth remembering that the island is left-hand traffic. There is a taxi and there are buses (the cheapest form of transport). On intercity buses you can go on an excursion to other resort cities, visit popular tourist attractions.

The cuisine of Cyprus is diverse, as is its population. Greek, Turkish, Italian, French, Russian, Chinese and other cuisines of the world. There are restaurants, taverns, coffee houses, snack bars all within walking distance. The national dish that all tourists are advised to try is Meze. It consists of 10 to 30 meat or fish dishes. First, light snacks with meat or fish are served on the table. Vegetables, cheeses, then hot plates and at the end sweets and fruits.

In terms of shopping, it is better to come to Cyprus in the winter when the ski resorts open, sellers offer huge discounts during the recession of the season. There are many shops, boutiques and shops. Everything is sold in Cyprus, most often tourists buy jewelry, leather goods, wine, olive oil, cheese as a gift.

Attractions and entertainment

You can talk about them for hours. There are sights of different eras.

Cyprus is rich in monasteries and churches. The largest and most famous monastery of Kykkos, located on the Troodos mountains. Known for the miraculous icon of the Kikk Mother of God, painted by the Holy Apostle Luke, even during the life of the Virgin Mary.

Of the natural, no less famous landmark is the bay where the goddess of love and fertility Aphrodite was born and went ashore from the foam and waves of the sea.

Larnaca salt lake, Mount Olymbos, Avagas gorge in the rocks, Aphrodite’s bathhouse, ruins of ancient cities, stone age settlements, amphitheater ruins, catacombs of St. Solomonia, “royal” tombs, medieval castles, museums, Vorosh ghost town. All the air of the island is riddled with mysteries and secrets of ancient times.

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