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If the company is not located for the trip, this is not a problem: traveling alone can be no less exciting and interesting. A few years ago, in travel trends, a new type of tourism came to leadership positions – solo travel and its rating is still successfully maintained. Many trips and stereotypes are associated with such trips, but instead of being afraid and sitting at home, it is better to thoroughly prepare for the trip and go on an adventure. What is solo-travel and why is it worth trying this kind of vacation?

According to research by the University of Queensland (Australia), a vacation without friends and family allows you to not only be alone with yourself, but also returns psychological control over life. In the rhythm of the 21st century, it’s difficult to stop – you need to run, invent, realize, develop, but, most importantly, do not slow down. In solo travels, everything is different – here you set the rhythm of your trip, do not adjust to the outside world and allow yourself to relax.

If a few years ago, many were surprised at such single wanderers who sharply buy tickets and fly away from civilization, but now it is quite natural. There can be many reasons for a solo trip: to look at people and the world around you, test yourself for strength, try something new, smooth out spiritual wounds, find yourself, and unwind.

This trend was actively picked up and made popular thanks to social networks. Now the tourism segment of the business is being adjusted to it. The British cruise line Saga Cruises, for example, recently decided to add 109 single cabins to the Spirit of Discovery liner, which will be launched only at the end of 2019.

Benefits of solo – travel

Rethink your life
Around us there are a lot of things and people, and we do not often find ourselves alone. To look at your life from the side, you need not only to leave, but also to remain alone with your thoughts. Take a walk alone, realizing at what point you are now and whether you are happy with it, make plans for the future and gain strength for their implementation.

Find new friends

When traveling in a company, you are unlikely to meet new people, because people close to you are close to you. Traveling alone, you are open. In addition, finding the perfect fellow traveler is difficult enough, why not discover new personalities every day, remaining unattached to anyone?

Learning to listen to yourself

Traveling alone, your every step depends on you. From choosing a country, booking tickets – to planning a day, changing locations, etc. In such a journey, you can learn to understand what you really want.

Learn to be responsible

You cannot transfer responsibility to someone. You yourself will keep track of time, learn languages, book accommodation, etc. Traveling alone, you will understand where your strengths and weaknesses are.

How to organize a safe independent trip

A tourist who travels independently must always be in touch. A mobile phone with activated roaming function or special calling cards – take care of this in advance. You also need to find out about the conditions for using a credit card abroad and get acquainted with the rules for the transportation and exchange of money. Do not forget to take out medical insurance – you may not need it, but it will definitely be calmer with it.

After choosing a route, book tickets for a comfortable flight, take care of rental housing, explore the cultural features of the country. If you are planning your first independent trip, it is hardly worth immediately choosing a difficult route. It is important to ensure maximum comfort for yourself, so the sooner you start planning, the more chances you can enjoy an independent trip.

Traveling alone: ​​countries that are safe for solo-relaxation

Asher & Lyric recently presented a fresh ranking of countries that are considered the safest for travelers. It includes the 50 most visited tourist destinations. The list is compiled on the basis of street safety data, rape and the frequency of violence against women against both foreigners and local residents.

The first line of the ranking is Spain. This country has proven itself in terms of street safety, low levels of violence against women and low levels of discrimination in the law.

In second place is Singapore. 92% of women said they felt safe in the country during their evening walks.

Ireland ranks third among the safest countries for women who travel alone. This country has a low level of discrimination against women in law, gender inequality and violence against women, as well as a relatively low level of sexual violence. The top five are Austria and Switzerland.

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