10 places to visit in Australia
Everyone will like Australia: those who seek ordinary relaxation on the ocean, and fans of cultural expeditions, and lovers of wildlife. In this article - the most popular events and…

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How to fly in comfort
For many people, air travel brings a lot of inconvenience. But there are some tips that you should take note of for a comfortable and tireless flight. On my own,…

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Unexpected discoveries of Warsaw
If I had compiled a non-touristic guide to Warsaw, then my first project would have embodied a “high-altitude” tour, since there is much to climb here. And even if you…

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Tours on the Titanic for travelers

The British publication The Telegraph blew the world public with intriguing news: in 2018, a unique journey to the remains of the legendary Titanic will become available. It is assumed that the dive to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean and the contemplation of the wreckage of a sunken ship will take place in May next year.

Mission in St. John: a tourist dive
One of the largest tour operators in Britain promises to organize an unforgettable tour and immerse tourists to a depth of 4,000 meters to meet with the liner. The details of the trip are no less exciting than the tour to the Titanic, which will last 8 days. Continue reading

Excursions between flights, IMAX, massage: “oddities” of the world’s airports

Airports do their best to diversify the waiting time of their passengers. Shops under the auspices of duty free, lounge areas and bistro cafes do not surprise anyone, but city excursions, art exhibitions, modern cinemas and spa services are what make airports on our list special.

Free tours between flights
Sightseeing tours outside the transit zone will interest everyone. Especially if you are brought into the city for the first time. Especially when we say that many of the tours are free, and during the walk you can see the most beautiful places in the city. Continue reading

4 European cities worth visiting with children

Many parents are used to traveling with children, teaching children the intricacies of tourism at an early age. After all, the benefits of civilization contribute in every way to this! Discounts in museums and amusement parks, kid-friendly hotels with a children’s menu, many colorful landscapes familiar to children from the pages of books, new places and emotions – it is unfair to leave the youngest at home! We present a list of cities where the child will have something to see.

Fabulous entertainment of Copenhagen (Denmark)
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Traditions and manners: what you need to know about Egypt before the trip?

Non-stop warmth, gentle sea, hot sand on the beaches and amazing diving in the Red Sea. Egypt loves to receive tourists, and they reciprocate the sunny country. And although local resorts are waiting for tourists with open arms, it is worth knowing about the peculiarities of behavior in this country and the laws by which the Egyptians live. Our selection will help to understand what the eastern lifestyle is.

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Simple tips to help you survive a long flight

When you need 10 hours to fly from Kiev to Bangkok, New York or Beijing, I really want to learn how to teleport. From thoughts that I have to spend almost half a day on the plane my mood deteriorates and my left eye begins to twitch. We learned how to make a long flight comfortable and spend time on board with benefit. Read our 10 tips and make sure in practice that they work.

Tip # 1: Change your diet before flying
A few days before the start, exclude too fatty, spicy, salty foods and alcohol from the diet. A tired vestibular apparatus and an overloaded stomach are not the traveler’s best friends. Continue reading

Unexpected discoveries of Warsaw
If I had compiled a non-touristic guide to Warsaw, then my first project would have embodied a “high-altitude” tour, since there is much to climb here. And even if you…


The safest countries for tourists
When you are going on a trip, you hope to receive from him only positive emotions. To do this, it is better to pre-select a good accommodation with all amenities,…


Tourism of the future: technology that will change everything
It would be great to travel without taking off your slippers, fly whenever you want, without any balloons and planes, or go into space as easily as in a grocery…


Cyprus Island - The Pearl of the Mediterranean
A magical island with an ancient history and rich cultural heritage. Washed by the gentle Mediterranean Sea with huge clean beaches, excellent climate, lots of attractions, friendly locals. Here everyone…