Hitchhiking: opportunities and risks
For those who truly love to travel, no defaults, strikes by railroad workers, or waiting at airports are scary. After all, you can travel much more romantic, bolder and cheaper…

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The safest countries for tourists
When you are going on a trip, you hope to receive from him only positive emotions. To do this, it is better to pre-select a good accommodation with all amenities,…

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We travel with children
Traveling with children is a little scary - it doesn't matter if you are traveling for the first time or for the tenth. Each time there is excitement and fear…

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How to spend a vacation with benefits for the brain, body and soul

They say that stupid vacation tires work worse. They say that rest is a change of activity. They say investment in travel is an investment in yourself. They say … Yes, but for some reason, again and again, leaving the workplace for a week or two, many “labor shock workers” for days on end only “seal” on the beach or can not disconnect from work issues. As a result, they return to their everyday rhythm, whining, supposedly, the vacation flew by unnoticed, as if there was none at all. Ha! There are several ideas on how to turn beach degradation into relaxation with benefits for health, mind and your instagram. Continue reading

Pilgrimage as a type of tourism

It is not necessary to be a deep believer in order to ask spiritual questions, to think about the meaning of life, the search for oneself, one’s purpose and path. However, unlike monks and priests, our body and thoughts absorb the everyday cycle. So strong that he doesn’t let go even on vacation. We don’t have enough time even to think! But, as they say, if you don’t go on the road, then you won’t come anywhere.

The road is a magician, a psychotherapist, a magic key to spiritual growth. Not without reason from ancient times, tireless pilgrims set off on a journey to gain wisdom, to know themselves and God. So why not take an example from them ?! Continue reading

Why the tour to the tropics is dangerous This is reported by Rambler.

In winter, many tourists travel to the tropical countries for the sun, warm sea and ripe fruits. But vacationing in Southeast Asia, Latin America, Africa, or the Caribbean can be dangerous. Various fevers and malaria are common in these regions. About how to protect yourself from exotic diseases, – in the material of RIA Novosti.
Get ready on time
“After returning from a business trip to Cambodia, I could not bring the temperature down for several days. I was sweating so that sheets could be squeezed out,” says cameraman Vyacheslav Travin. “The doctor at the hospital where I was taken by ambulance saw the results of blood tests and was surprised that I still alive”.
Diagnosed with tropical malaria. Carried by mosquitoes. Continue reading

Sea breeze, steppe grasses

The unique nature of the Dnieper delta, the coast of two seas with beautiful beaches, thermal springs, therapeutic mud – all this is very close, in the Kherson region. Of the three Ukrainian biosphere reserves, two are the Black Sea and Askania-Nova.
Do you want to spend several days alone with the river, listen to silence, sit midnight by the fire, spend the night in a tent? The skin of a kayak is basking in the sun, and it’s so good to put your palms in cool water – it’s very close. If you never held a paddle in your hand, experienced instructors will teach you. They will accompany you on a journey through the endless Dnieper floodplains – a labyrinth of 3 thousand channels and 3 thousand islands. Continue reading

10 places to visit in Australia

Everyone will like Australia: those who seek ordinary relaxation on the ocean, and fans of cultural expeditions, and lovers of wildlife. In this article – the most popular events and places in Australia that you need to consider when you vacation.

1. Sydney

The city of Sydney is the first thing that tourists think about when they travel to this continent. The Sydney Opera House, whose construction was completed in the 1960s, is undoubtedly one of the country’s main cultural icons. Even if you are not a fan of the opera, it is worth a visit – a unique design and excellent acoustics will amaze even tourists not experienced in music. Continue reading

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